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HipHop4Health Dance Inc.


Ryan Wood - Founder

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Welcome to HipHop4Health Dance Inc. Thank-you for your interest in hiphop4health. We offer a range of different services that I (Ryan) personally provide including: recreational and competitive hip-hop classes, hip-hop spin classes, mobile hip-hop dj setup for your house party/event or birthday party, and Zumba Classes by a licensed Zumba Instructor.  Stay in touch or simply shoot off an email requesting one of these so you can be notified when all these things become available as well for our Mega Events.


Now about me if you're wondering... at a young age I began dancing in Gym class when my teacher noticed I excelled particularly well in an assignment that included creating a dance routine. She told my parents, "you should put this kid in a dance studio." When I started formal classes I fell in love with dance. I ended up doing some competitive classes as well as entering the month long audition at Canada's National Ballet School in Toronto, but decided being a professional ballet dancer just wasn't for me.


Truth is, I struggled in school. I am particularly passionate about dance because

I was diagnosed with ADHD and always found things I wasn't interested in difficult.  

Dance is something I love to do, and it's bolstered my health AND focus.

Mental Health topics and how dance can alleviate the problems that mental health issues cause, are integrated into the curriculum of my classes and into the story of why hiphopforhealth exists. 


I'm ultimately passionate about Hip-hop, the sound, and the vibe it has to offer the world of dance, but listening to hip-hop has led me to other things like cycling as well.


I love teaching footwork, popping and locking techniques, classics like Michael Jacksons moonwalk, and the "slide glide" often done by celebrities like Justin Bieber and Usher. 

I can teach you how to do head spins often seen in breakdancing movies as well.

I've taught, performed, and choreographed many times at all schools I've attended.

Right from elementary school, secondary school, all the way through into my post-secondary institution.

My goal is to teach, but also to be a learning teacher and a social dancer.

I take classes once or twice a month in Toronto with many other dancers who also teach, and choreograph.


I love dancing, and because of that my choreography and the way I move have a lyrical quality to them. When you fall in love with dance, you'll just move to the music. 

I'm so excited to pass it on and show you how dance can be your outlet!

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Welcome to HipHop4Health. Our main goal is to always achieve high level dance/ fitness classes and events. If you'd like me to dance/teach at your school or event. Shoot me an email, and we'll connect. 

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