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Update | Classes Booked

Hey everyone,

Just wanted to share some good news. couple things, firstly, Hiphop4health Dance should be registered by next week as a federal corporation in Canada!

This will enable the company to use school-board spaces, as well as book permits for outdoor events in Northumberland.

Secondly, we have several classes booked now!

Starting May 14th we have one at 3:30-4:30

Then, the 21st at 4:30-5:30.

Skip one week and then there is a class every sunday from 4:30-5:30PM at the Cobourg Community Centre in Cameco Hall C.

I also want to mention that for the equipment I have, and the time i'm personally putting in, these classes are very valuable. During these beginning stages the company is probably not even breaking-even. The reason for this is because i'm funding the company with my own funds because I love putting these classes on and i'm hoping that some of you will keep coming as much as you can.

My students/customers are the heart of this, but that goes for any dance company.

I endeavour to make Hiphop4health Dance a place where people come to let-loose and re-charge.

For those who have shown up so far, Thank you.

Classes begin every week for 8 weeks starting June 4th, 4:30-5:30PM every week, same day, time, and place. Each class is $10 plus tax, plus the online service charges which I can't avoid unless you pay cash in class.

You can also subscribe for all in price of $16.95 a month to gain access to these classes whenever you want to drop-in.

Can't wait to get dancing again.

See you soon.

--- HipHop4Health Dance Inc.

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